A Man Fell In A Hole(Christian Movie Clip)

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A Man Fell In A Hole

The video starts by showing a man falling into a hole. He tries to escape from there, but in vain. Meantime many people come near the hole and advise him several things like he should meditate and reach Nirvana to escape, the hole is actually not there and its an illusion, pray hard to get out of the hole etc etc…

The man tries everything as told to him, but still he remains in the same hole.

Then, one day, another man with a graceful face came near the hole. He called out and asked the man in the hole whether he wanted to be free. The man nodded. This man then threw a rope into the pit and came down to the hole himself. Then he took hold of the man in the hole, who by the time was almost unconscious, and dragged him into the light.

The man in the hole was saved and he saw that his savior had a hole in his palm. He quickly stood up and what he saw was just

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