A Summer Place (PSP, iPod, Zune)

Size : 480.77 MiB (504119548 Bytes)

************************************************************ * This torrent has basically been killed by hit-and-run

* * drones/sociopaths, who download and split. If you think
* * a 1:1 ratio cuts it, you know jack about torrents.

* *

* * Too important to return the favor? Okay. I'm done

* * wasting my time. No idea how HR has endured most of you
* * fools. Takes much less effort to simply encode for

* * myself, on torrents I re-seed properly.

* *

* * Now go bitch at HR about whatever torrent he hasn't

* * hopped to for your precious asses.

* ************************************************************
Source: A Summer Place http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/3731197/
Tech quality is good for 1959. Good transfer and encode.
=== AR: 470x272 (1.72794) Duration: 02:10:09
=== Another HR-PiZ team entry. If it doesn't work the same as a HolyRoses (PBUH) PSP-iPod-Zune encode, leave an informative comment.
upped by signalboy using HR basic Windows PiZ encoding v1.1