Advanced Enclosure Design and Fabrication, car subwoofers

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Advanced Enclosure Design and Fabrication covers the design and fabrication of three custom sub-woofer enclosures. A wedge or truck box style sealed enclosure, vented enclosure with a round port and a single reflex bandpass enclosure with a rectangular port.
This video covers all of the essentials:

- Enclosure materials

- Tools needed for assembly

- Customizing the enclosure for the vehicle

- Using free software to design the enclosure

- Avoiding common problems in the design stage

- Cutting the wood

- Enclosure bracing

- How to carpet your enclosure like a pro

- Enclosure testing

- The effect of enclosure placement

- How to get more SPL

This is another installment from CarAudioHelp and as usual with the audio production, the audio levels weren't normalized.
This is a courtesy reminder to headphone users especially.
The menu of the DVD corrupted so for your convenience all that mess was dealt with and now it plays from start to finish without a hitch.