After–sales Service of Engineering Industrial Assets

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After–sales Service of Engineering Industrial Assets - Vicente Gonzalez-Prida Diaz, Adolfo Crespo Marquez (Springer, 2014).pdf

This book explores the practical implementation of an advanced after-sales management framework devoted to warranty management. The framework is intended for companies producing either standardized or customized products and such a management tool will facilitate organizational improvement and support innovative decision making processes for technical assistance in after-sales services.

“After–sales Service of Engineering Industrial Assets” comprises a proposal for a warranty management framework, with an account of the different methods that can be used to improve decision making in the different stages of the after-sales service management process, and strategies for strengthening the structure and foundations of the framework. A review of the fundamental issues and current research topics in warranty management and after sales services is also provided, which is exemplified by a case study. This book is intended for postgraduates, researchers and engineers who are interested in after sales management, assets engineering and warranty management