Anki 2.0.38 Portable

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Anki 2.0.38 Portable

Download and use.
It is portable and free too.
Portables are the best.

Friendly, Intelligent Flashcards

Anki is a customizable flashcards program that helps you with learning

vocabulary, studying for exams, brushing up on your geography knowledge and

much more. The program provides access to a large library of free flashcards

(called `Decks`) on a wide range of topics, and you can also create your own

decks to help you study pretty much any topic you want.

The possibilities are virtually endless, you can create simple, text based

flashcards or include audio/video, images and even scientific markup. Anki

uses an intelligent training method (based on SuperMemo SM2 algorithm) that

lets configure how much and how long you want to study each day, and

automatically selects cards based on your learning progress.

Other features include support for shared decks, synchronization with

portable devices (iPhone/Touch, Android, cell phones etc.) and other

computers, statistical graphs, customizable study schedules, and much more.

You can find shared decks on the Anki site and import them to get started.

Product Details

Publisher Damien Elmes (Open Source)
Price Free
Version 2.0.38
Last updated Dec 23, 2016
File Size 25.2 Mb
Requirements None

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