Aquaponics Made Easy

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Aquaponics is the symbiotic cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in a recirculating environment.
Grow fish and vegetables together in your own backyard the easy way. Whether you want to build your own system or assemble a ready-made kit, Murray Hallam will guide you through every step, so you can enjoy fresh fish and organic vegetables at your place.
Over 90 Minutes of quality (allegedly) information:
* Assembling a kit system (most of the video) * Grow Beds, Tanks, Gravel Media explained * Flood and Drain, Auto Siphons * Fish Aeration, pumps, filtration, backup systems * Growing plants successfully * The Nitrogen Cycle, Fishless Cycling * Testing your Water * Maintaining a balanced System * Batching your fish for endless food * Dealing with pests * Feeding your fish - Growing your own fish food * Building your own Bathub Aquaponics system (briefly at the end then dissing the idea - to make their over priced commercial systems more attractive) * Solar powered systems * Essential checklist summary
This DVD is mainly an installation manual for their own over priced systems but there is still some good information to be had.
It is not worth buying it though - so here it is for your downloading pleasure.
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