ArtyTorrent Pack 36-Ueberschall Trance ID-WAV samples

Size : 749.42 MB


ArtyTorrent Music Production Pack 36-Ueberschall Trance ID-WAV

This is another of my repacks of samples from a VSTi ROMpler.
This pack does not contain Elastik Audio.
This pack does not contain the Loopeye software.
This pack does not require a keygen.
This pack contains 793 loops and 164 oneshots.

You really don’t want to know how long it took to render all the files, normalize, trim and convert them, never mind the amount of time I took renaming them.
The samples were originally in the construction kit format which I really don’t like, but this time I’ve maintained the directory structure, so it’s up to you to separate the drums from the basses and the synths from the fx if you want to.
The loops are among the best I’ve heard for this genre and you should have lots of fun mixing and matching riffs from each kit.
I’ve made sure that each filename includes tempo and musical key information and also included another text file for further clarification.

As usual, the samples are 44.1KHz 16-bit WAV files.

Producers of techno and trance just got all their birthdays at once!

Arty – “What the hell’s a trance identity?”
4th February 2008.