AVATAR (dvdscr)_MOBILE DEVICES_psp.cell phone.ipod.etc._jonnoel1

Size : 287.19 MiB (301145302 Bytes)


1. This torrent contains AVATAR (dvdscr-re ripped) in MP4 format, ripped for MOBILE DEVICES.
2. THIS IS NOT A HQ FULLSCREEN VID FOR COMPUTERS!!!!!! It has been COMPRESSED for viewing on SMALL screens.
3. I have only tested this rip on 2 mobile devices (both support MP4/aac), SAMSUNG & iphone.
4. As far as I can tell, it should also be compatable with most mobile devices like PSP, ipod, and most cells that have MP4 capabilities.
5. I AM NOT YOUR TECH. Learn your device capabilities before you DL.
6. DO NOT ASK ME HOW TO's. The only advice I can offer, is the only way I've tried, which is:
download file to computer
open explorer
plug in mobile device to computer
drag and drop file from computer folder to device (SD or memory card may be required for file space 1-2 Gb recommended for multiple files.) Each file can be between 100-300 megs depending on length, and resolution bitrate.
PLEASE NOTE: if you are using this for PSP, GOOGLE how to install, (unless you already know installation),
because I did see online there is a sepecific way to do it, but the file (MP4) is compatable.
Here are the codecs...
Video codec: MP4v (H.264)
Video bitrate: 128
Resolution: 320x240
frame rate: 20 fps
audio codec: MP4a
channels: stereo
sample rate 22050hz
aac ext.: SBR
file size: 287mb (compressed from 2.18Gb)

SCREENSHOTS are using VLC MEDIA PLAYER (REDUCED) to show the *ACTUAL APROXAMATE SIZE* of how it would look on a mobile device The torrent name is listed to show it is the actual file, and not a fake.

One more shot of the actual MP4 playing on my Samsung phone (this is the actual file and screen size, *note: the controls fade when its un-paused
Just keep in mind, I did make this for mobile devices to SAVE SPACE, so the QUALITY is not at a high bitrate. HOWEVER I did also test another file at a higher bitrate of 192, (which increased the file size approx. 100 megs), and it looks a LOT cleaner on my phone.
(Check my torrents for:
The Matrix Reloaded (about 250 megs or so) for mobiles, its the Hi-res I tested for quality)
I WANT INPUT from people who use these to see which types you prefer, the smaller-low res space savers, or the high-res bigger files.
A 2Gb mini SD card can hold around 6-7 low res movies, or 3-4 High-res movies. I am just looking for input for future uploads, so all feedback, and constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks for checking the movies out, and I hope they work out ok for you!

If you Download this torrent, feel free to comment and let me know if it works on your device,
so others can DL it to use on theirs as well (or not...lol). and PLEASE DONT FORGET TO SEED THIS TORRENT! Its a small file
so it shouldnt take long to seed it out so PLEASE give back to the community and SEED! Thanks, and of course, ENJOY!