Ballet Beautiful – Total Body Workout

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Country : USA
Category : Fitness ballet

Video Tutorial Duration : 00:51:23
Year : 2012
Language : English
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Description : Each segment of the mnogopovtornogo ballet lesson on the floor targets a specific part of the body. The lesson is Mary Helen Bowers, a dancer of New York City Ballet with the perfect physique (she also trained Natalie Portman for "Black Swan"). You will start with the motions "bridge" aimed at buttocks - a lot of repetition, a strong "burning" and numerous subtle variations exercises you provided. Then follows a series of Pilates exercises for abs in raznoobraznm pace. The following two sections focus on the internal and external muscles of the thigh - again many more repetitions of exercises (eg, side foot moves). The program culminates elegant circles with your arms and very short part-plie squats. With podrobroy instruction one-on-one it is easy to follow, it seems to say directly to you. A great lesson with quiet classical piano music.
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