Size : 37.17 MiB (38975288 Bytes)

Does this belong in "handheld" or "TV"?
I'll start with two of each (MONO/Stereo in one AND Stereo/MONO in the other)

Episode title: The.Date.Night.Variable
(Desc) Big.Bang.Theory.S06E01.(MONO).37MB.XVID.480x272.195K.22KHz.avi

This is a test, this is only a test, if this had been an actual ...

The purpose is to provide really tiny videos (resolution and filesize)
... for tiny screens and tiny storage devices
... and just maybe for those still on dial-up.
Thought about 320x176 for ultimate compatibility, but bad visions
...of long ago formats made me not want to do this.
So, I settled on 480x272 as a compromise.
Long shots suffer the worst, but this show is mostly close-ups.
I have a 32" 1080p monitor two feet in front of my face
...and these look surprising well, considering.

This test has two parts:
Part one - how many download it.
Part two - hopefully some will comment, if just to encourage me to do more.
... or especially to report problems and make suggestions.

Show suggestions (no promises) are now being considered.