Brain Stimulator.avi

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There's an Email SPAM campaign widely distributed which leads to a video with a player designed to restrict viewing to from beginning to end, with no skipping ahead. This torrent is a video capture of that into an AVI file which you can play in VLC or similar players and easily skip forward or back.

The subject is a method claimed to be instructions for a combination of easy exercise and food supplements to avoid and even reverse Alzheimer's and aging dementia. The pitch comes with a story that this is being suppressed by the "elite" and so is not available through regular medical channels. The video completes by offering to sell you this method. There's a "put in cart" button in the original video which is not carried forward in the AVI. However, a Google search leads to

which offers to sell you a book and 2 CD's for $27, which looks like the same product. They offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If any of you actually buy this, I'd appreciate it if you left a comment here giving your evaluation, and in particular giving the number of pages in the book.

If it's not too many pages, you might consider converting the book to a PDF file and uploading it here, maybe along with images of the two CD's.

If it's a lot of pages, there are services which scan bound books (usually destroying the book). Google "destructive book scanning." The first hit offers $0.06/page