C# 5.0 in a Nutshell (adel_dz)

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Title:		C# 5.0 In A Nutshell: The Definitive Reference
Authors: Joseph Albahari; Ben Albahari
Published: June 2012
Edition: 5
Language: English
Format: PDF
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
ISBN-13: 9781449320102
Pages: 1062
Size: 13.20MB
Price: 49.99 USD

When you have a question about C# 5.0 or the .NET CLR, this bestselling guide has precisely the answers you need. Uniquely organized around concepts and use cases, this updated fifth edition features a reorganized section on concurrency, threading, and parallel programming-including in-depth coverage of C# 5.0's new asynchronous functions.

Shaped by more than 20 expert reviewers, including Microsoft's Eric Lippert, Stephen Toub, Chris Burrows, and Jon Skeet, this book has all you need to stay on track with C# 5.0. It's widely known as the definitive reference on the language.

Get up to speed on C# language basics, including syntax, types, and variables
Explore advanced topics such as unsafe code and type variance
Dig deep into LINQ via three chapters dedicated to the topic
Learn about code contracts, dynamic programming, and parallel programming
Work with .NET features, including reflection, assemblies, memory management, security, I/O, XML, collections, networking, and native interoperability