Calisthenics Kingz Power From Push Ups

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Country : USA
Category : Ghetto Workout / Street Workout / Fitness Street
Duration : 00:58:55
Year : 2011
Language : English
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Subtitles : Russian

Description : The power of push-ups - the power of the individual - it is an explosive and dynamic fitness DVD. Recognized and respected throughout the world expert on fitness CALISTHENICS KINGZ created a cool, memorable and educational videos. Although push-ups is one of the first exercises known to man, HIT, thanks to its excellent physical data shows the kinds of push-ups, many are still not known. In this case, it looks very natural and it seems that each exercise - a piece of art. HIT also talks about the benefits of push-ups and provides educational materials to perform unusual types of push-ups, due to which his team CALISTHENICS KINGZ became popular. This DVD contains information about the push-ups on how to do a handstand, push-ups in a handstand, how to do "Bend Tiger ", which muscles are working with, how does it affect your metabolism, as well as several programs with push-ups that you can incorporate into your workout. This CD will benefit anyone, whether male or female, beginner or a guru. Team CALISTHENICS KINGZ trained, motivated and inspired millions of people from all over the world. This CALISTHENICS KINGZ, without a shadow of a doubt prove that they represent a new era of fitness.

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