CBT Nuggets – IPv4 Subnetting

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IPv4 Subnetting by Keith Barker
The Ultimate Guide https://www.cbtnuggets.com/it-training-videos/course/ipv4-subnetting

This real-world subnetting course with Keith Barker will guide you through the step by step journey towards custom subnetting with IPv4. Topics include VLSM, Summarization, Wild Card Masks (for Cisco IOS), and more.

Recommended skills:
Students will benefit most from this course if they have completed Network+ training from CBT Nuggets or currently have basic understanding of network fundamentals.

Recommended equipment:
There is no equipment required in order to fully benefit from this course.

This training applies to real world environments (vendor neutral), as well as all levels of certification from beginner through expert.

01 - Course Intro
02 - Fun with IPv4 Basics
03 - Classes, Masks, and Private IPs
04 - Beautiful Binary
05 - Decimal to Binary Conversion
06 - The Mask Unveiled
07 - Stealing Host Bits
08 - Subnet IDs
09 - Valid Host Range
10 - Room for 1 More
11 - Reverse Engineer
12 - Summarize
13 - Wildcard Masks
14 - Non-Octet Boundarys
15 - VLSM
16 - Final Exam