CBT Nuggets – ISC2 Security CISSP

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(ISC)2 Security CISSP by Keith Barker
Certified Information Systems Security Professional https://www.cbtnuggets.com/it-training-videos/course/isc2_cissp_2012

This (ISC)2 CISSP video training with Keith Barker covers information security, including topics from the 10 Common Bodies of Knowledge that will be tested in the CISSP certification exam.

Recommended skills:
At least 5 years experience in two of the following areas:

Access control, telecommunications and network security, information security governance and risk management, software development security, cryptography, security architecture and design, operations security, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, legal, regulations, investigations and compliance, physical (environmental) security.

Related certifications:
CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional

CISSP certification one of the most respected certifications available, and is currently in great demand by organizations of all types. From banking and financial institutions to government and public utilities as well as high-tech and hospitality, the skills of a CISSP are needed by nearly every industry.

In this training, you'll focus on the 10 Common Bodies of Knowledge that will be tested in the CISSP certification exam. Benefits of being a CISSP include:
Demonstrated working knowledge of information security
Confirmed commitment to profession
A career differentiator, with enhanced credibility and marketability

01 - Welcome to CISSP
02 - CBK-1: Authentication
03 - CBK-1: Centralized Access Management
04 - CBK-1: Models and Techniques
05 - CBK-2: OSI layers 1-3ish
06 - CBK-2: OSI layers 3 and Up
07 - CBK-2: Firewalls
08 - CBK-2: VPNs
09 - CBK-2: Attacks
10 - CBK-3: Polices and Risks
11 - CBK-3: Reducing Risk
12 - CBK-4: Databases
13 - CBK-4: Development Life Cycle
14 - CBK-5: Symmetric Cryptography
15 - CBK-5: Asymmetric Cryptography
16 - CBK-6: System Evaluation
17 - CBK-6: Security Models
18 - CBK-6: Availability and Integrity
19 - CBK-7: IDS
20 - CBK-7: Control Types
21 - CBK-7: Separation of Duties
22 - CBK-7: Backups and Malware
23 - CBK-8: Plan B
24 - CBK-9: Evidence
25 - CBK-9: Law
26 - CBK-9: Investigation
27 - CBK-10: FIRE!!!
28 - CBK-10: Physical Controls
29 - CBK-10: Power and Location