CBT Nuggets ITIL Foundation Level Tranning Videos by Michael Sha

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CBT Nuggets ITIL Foundation Level Tanning Videos by Michael Shannon MKV

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Total Course Duration: 08:30:42

1. Introduction to ITIL 2011 Foundations 00:19:36

Let's get our feet wet by first discovering the what, why and how of ITIL. In addition to exploring the various major topics, you will learn how to quickly register for the ITIL Foundations 2011 exam through EXIN.

2. ITIL in the Real World 00:30:11

This Nugget will look at some real-world examples of organizations that use ITIL today and why they are using ITIL. We also will get some fundamental terminology and concepts under our belt before we dive into the ITSM lifecycle.

3. The Service Lifecycle 00:32:58

ITIL at its core has defined stages during the life of an IT service. A service could be something like cloud services being offered by an ISP. ITIL approaches the practice of Service Management through a Service Lifecycle framework that is based on feedback from organizations all over the world. In this Nugget, we will compare Processes to Functions and then look at the RACI model. Finally, we will explore the lifecycle in a high-level overview.

4. Service Strategy (Part 1) 00:38:49

In the first phase of the lifecycle the tactical approach to providing services is formulated. How do IT/IS departments start "thinking" like a service provider? We'll explore the definitions of service and strategy, and the SLP of deliverables as well. We'll also learn the purpose, benefits and fundamentals of service strategy.

5. Service Strategy (Part 2) 00:39:41

Let's dive deeper into the Service Strategy Processes: Service Portfolio Management, Financial Management for IT Services and Business Relationship Management. These are the three of five areas that are required knowledge for the ITIL 2011 Foundations exam.

6. Service Design (Part 1) 00:20:04

In the first of three Nuggets on Service Design, you will learn terminology and processes including the "Dour P's" and the five main attributes of Service Design. We'll also explore the elements of the SDP (Service Design Package).

7. Service Design (Part 2) 00:32:56

This Nugget investigates three of the eight main processes of the Service Design phase of the ITIL 2011 lifecycle: Design Coordination, Service Level Management (SLM), and Capacity Management.

8. Service Design (Part 3) 00:35:47

In Service Design (Part 3), you will continue your exploration of the eight Service Design processes. Considerable time is spent on the very important Availability Management process. This Nugget concludes with the Service Catalog Management process.

9. Service Design (Part 4) 00:53:29

This final module looks at the three remaining service design processes: Information Security Management, Supplier Management and IT Service Continuity Management.

10. Service Transition: Transition Planning and Support 00:19:08

Here you get an overview of the definitions, goals and activities of the Service Transition phase, as well as exploring the first process: Transition Planning and Support.

11. Service Transition: Knowledge, Asset and Configuration Management 00:23:54

This Nugget covers two key Service Transition processes: Knowledge Management and Service Asset and Configuration Management. Topics include the Knowledge Spiral/D.I.K.W. Model, Configuration Items (CI), Service Knowledge Management Systems (SKMS), Configuration Management Databases (CMDB) and Configuration Management Systems (CMS).

12. Service Transition: Change Management and Release & Deployment Management 00:34:03

The Change Management process of Service Transition might be one of the most vital links between Service Design and Service Operation. This Nugget explores that critical process as well as Release and Deployment Management.

13. The Service Desk 00:31:22

This is the first Nugget of the ITIL Foundations series focusing on the Service Operations phase of the service lifecycle. You get an overview of the Service Operations stage, as well as an introduction to the IT Service Desk implementation.

14. Service Operations: Event, Incident, and Problem Management 00:38:06

In this second module pertaining to the Service Operation phase of the ITIL 2011 Lifecycle, you explore Event Management and Problem Management. These two processes fall mainly under the authority of the Technical Support groups. You also will also spend the majority of the Nugget learning about the Incident Management process that's primarily handled by the Service Desk implementation.

15. Service Operations: Request Fulfillment and Access Management 00:42:09

Here you explore the final two processes of the Service Operations phase: Request Fulfillment and Access Management. Both of these processes are dealt with primarily by the Service Desk deployment.

16. Continual Service Improvement 00:18:29

The final Nugget of the ITIL 2011 series focuses on the ultimate goal of ITIL and the "why' of the equation: continual improvement of the ITIL phases processes. You will learn about the 7-Step improvement process along with the main areas of concern for the ITIL Foundations exam.


ITIL: Foundation Level

ITIL 2011

This ITIL video training with Michael Shannon covers the IT infrastructure library that’s ideal for use by large IT departments, including topics such as the service lifecycle, service operations and more!

Recommended skills: •Experience working with an IT department
•Various IT skills

Recommended equipment: •Not applicable

Related certifications: •PMI PMP

Related job functions: •IT professionals, especially those who work at medium to large companies

Learn the essentials of ITIL 2011 Foundations from trainer Michael Shannon. This series is aimed at large IT departments.

For IT departments to run well there are processes that need to happen. In a small IT department, each person takes on many -- if not all -- of the processes and manages them individually. But in a big department, the processes need to be shared among job roles, standardized, and managed for maximum efficiency.

That's what IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and IT Service Management (ITSM) are all about -- managing the processes within an IT department to make the department run well and to make sure resources are available as needed. This certification and skill set are valuable to medium and large companies because it helps them get the most of their IT investment, both in the technology and in the people.