CBT Nuggets – MPLS Fundamentals

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MPLS Fundamentals by Keith Barker
Create, Configure and Monitor Multiprotocol Label Switching L3VPNs https://www.cbtnuggets.com/it-training-videos/course/mpls_fundamentals

Trainer Keith Barker walks you through the concepts, implementation and verification of an MPLS network with an emphasis on the MPLS application of L3VPNs.

Recommended skills:
Hands on experience with IGPs such as OSPF, RIP and EIGRP
Fundamental knowledge of BGP

Recommended equipment:
GNS3 and a Cisco IOS image (12.x or 15.x) which includes the MPLS feature set
Live gear, with an IOS image supporting MPLS could be used instead of the GNS3 emulation

Service providers and large enterprises can use features such as MPLS L3VPNs to tunnel traffic from one site to another, forwarding the traffic over the provider’s core IPv4 network using label switching. This has multiple benefits including flexibility, support for multiple protocols, simplification of the routing tables in the network core and centralized control of the MPLS L3VPNs.

01 - Welcome to MPLS Fundamentals
02 - The Big Picture
03 - Label-Based Forwarding
04 - Implementing MPLS
05 - LDP
06 - LSP Path Selection
07 - LIBs, FIBs and RIBs
08 - Transport Address
09 - MPLS L3VPN Architecture
10 - PE to PE MBGP
11 - VRFs
12 - CE to PE Routing
13 - Redistribution
14 - Control and Data Plane Verification
15 - VRF Enabled Utilities