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VMware Virtualization VCP vSphere 5
Trainer: Greg D. Shields
Time: 8 hrs

VMware's vSphere 5 is an enterprise-ready virtualization solution. Superstar vSphere trainer Greg Shields will introduce you to VMware and vSphere, preparing you for the VMware Certified Professional 5, or VCP5, exam. You won't just have what it takes to take the exam, you'll learn career-critical virtualization skills in this Nugget series.
This series covers most of the material necessary to pass the VCP-510 Exam.
VMware recently modified the name of the certification from VCP5 to VCP5-DV. So far, the official name of the corresponding exam appears to be unchanged and is still named VCP510.


Introduction to VMware, vSphere, and the VCP5
Identify vSphere Architecture and Solutions
Install and Configure vCenter Server
Install and Configure VMware ESXi
Configure vNetwork Standard Switches & vSS Policies
Configure Shared Storage for vSphere
Create and Configure VMFS Datastores
Create and Deploy Virtual Machines & vApps
Administer and Migrate Virtual Machines and vApps
Configure VMware Clusters and Resource Pools
Manage Virtual Machine Clones and Templates
Backup and Restore Virtual Machines
Update and Profile ESXi Hosts
Configure vNetwork Distributed Switches & vDS Policies
Secure vCenter Server and ESXi
Plan and Implement VMware Fault Tolerance
Configure the vSphere Storage Appliance
Perform Basic vSphere Troubleshooting
Monitor vCenter and Administer Alarms
Plan and Perform vCenter Server and ESXi Upgrades