Cinderella-Paris Ballet-2008[iPod H264 DVDrip](with chapters)

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Cinderella-Paris Ballet-2008[iPod H264 DVDrip](with chapters)

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Cinderella was started in 1940 after Prokofiev had developed a greater interest in ballets following
the success of Romeo and Juliet. He broke off work on it in 1942 to compose patriotic pieces and eventually
War and Peace. Cinderella was intended from the beginning to be a full-length classical piece and was finally
premiered, with Ulanova in the title role, in 1945. It immediately became a staple and quickly traveled to
other countries. In England, the character additions of Sir Frederick Ashton are legendary and have been adopted
almost everywhere.

The production here was created in 1986 by Rudolf Nureyev. He originally wanted to produce Cinderella in
classic 17th century style and rejected the idea of set designer Petrika Ionesco that the work be set
in Hollywood in the 1930s. However, Nureyev could not get this idea out of his mind and once the
two got started all of Nureyev’s love of the movies came into play. The Prince becomes a Movie Star,
the Fairy Godmother a Hollywood producer and Cinderella eventually wins both the Movie Star and a film contract.
In between there are many allusions to 1930s movies and even a couple of scenes shot to appear as if on screen.
Yet the basic story is intact and Nureyev was scrupulous in his use of Prokofiev’s music.


-- William Kreindler, MusicWeb Internation

Cinderella – Agnès Letestu
The Movie Star – José Martinez
The Sisters – Laëtitia Pujol, Stéphanie Romberg
The Mother – Stéphane Phavorin
The Producer – Wilfried Romoli

Paris National Opera Ballet
Paris National Opera Orchestra
Koen Kessels, conductor

Rudolf Nureyev, choreographer

Recorded live at the Palais Garnier, Paris, on 24, 26,and 28 April 2008.

Aspect Ratio: 1.77:1
Run Time: 1:25 + 41
chapters: 38 + 15
resolution: 640x368
Video Codec: AVC/h.264
Audio Codec: AAC
Encoder handbrake: 0.9.6