Crazy Beautiful_(2001)[H.264.AC3.HDRip]

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Title: Crazy/Beautiful

Released: 2001
Size: 1.22 GB
Length: 01:39:01
Genre: Drama, Romance

Plot: The daughter of a wealthy Congressman, Nicole is a rebellious youth and seductive party girl type that breaks every rule a teenager should. In Nicole's well-to-do Pacific Palisades High School District of L.A. kids are bused from lower class neighborhoods to receive a proper education. Nicole is infatuated with Carlos a bright Latino student serious about his aspirations and playing High School football. Seeking fun and adventure while coming off as the sluttiest girl in school; Carlos ultimately becomes romantically involved with Nicole despite his future plans and scholastic diligence. Discouraged by each of their families, the teenager's blossoming relationship is seen as an obstacle in their quest toward adulthood. The two lovers' respond with sexual bonding and wanderlusts.

Starring: Kirsten Dunst, Taryn Manning, Jay Hernandez, Soledad St. Hilaire, Bruce Davison, Lucinda Jenney, Herman Osorio, Miguel Castro,
Rolando Molina, Tommy De La Cruz and others.

Codec: H.264
Aspect: 16x9
Resolution: 720x404
Format: .mp4
Bitrate: 1500 kbps

Codec: .aac
Bitrate: 272 kbps
Channels: 5.1 (Surround)
Sample: 44Mhz

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