CreativeLive – Glamour Photography with Sue Bryce 720P HD

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This is the FULL HD class. Every CreativeLIVE class that I upload will not be the screen recorded ones that you find online. Everyone of them including this one will be the files that you download directly off of the Creativelive website.
This is the full 720p class downloaded directly off of the creative live website

Glamour Photography

Forget the 90′s Glamour trend, because Sue is reinventing the category. Sue Bryce is the Australian Portrait Photographer of the year for 2011. She built a portrait business from zero to $25,000 per week as a single woman in her home garage.

In this special workshop Sue will teach you how she photographs women, how to bring more feminine posing into your work, her secrets for hair and makeup, and the powerful marketing techniques she's used to build her business. She wants to demonstrate how you can become not only a better photographer, but a better business person as well.