[Digital Tutors] Creating Cartoon Characters in CINEMA 4D Video

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[Digital Tutors] Creating Cartoon Characters in CINEMA 4D Video Tutorial-KTR

(Create an appealing 3D CARTOON CHARACTER)

PUBLISHER....: Digital Tutors
AUTHOR.......: Justin Marshall
RUNTIME......: 2h 32m

About this course::

Cartoony, stylized characters are prevalent in the world of tv and film CG, as well as video games. These types of characters are a lot of fun to build, but they do present their own set of challenges.

In this training, we'll talk about creating work that matches our reference images. We'll use a variety of polygon methods as well as some spline techniques to build up our alien officer from the ground up. In addition, we'll talk a little about the unique way that geometry can be built in CINEMA 4D, using generators and hierarchy.

We'll finish by adding some simple materials and in the end you'll have the knowledge you need to begin creating your own character designs.

Topics include:

1.Introduction and project overview

2.Setting up reference images

3.Blocking in the body shape

4.Prepping arm and leg connections

5.Blocking in the arm shape

6.Building the hand

7.Finishing the hand

8.Blocking in the leg

9.Adding the boot

10.Blocking in the head shape

11.Creating the head topology

12.Building the inner mouth

13.Detailing the mouth

14.Modeling the eyes

15.Detailing the eye sockets

16.Finishing the head

17.Detailing the shirt

18.Detailing the pants

19.Building the belt buckle

20.Modeling the insignia

21.Starting the epaulet

22.Finishing the epaulet

23.Adding head bumps

24.Adding materials