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Don Quichotte, composed by Ludwig Minkus for the Bolshoi in 1869, was relatively unknown in the West
until Nureyev's new choreography--which naturally gave him centre stage as Basile--was introduced at the Vienna State Opera in 1966.
A later production in 1981 forms the basis for this 2002 success by the Paris Opera. Don Quichotte is in some ways a misnomer for the ballet. Rather than being the dominant character,
here the beloved hero of Cervantes' original novel and tilter at windmills is a catalyst for the troublesome events
which beset the love story of Basile and Kitri.
The dream in which the knight encounters the queen of the dryads becomes a glittering fault in the narrative.
But there is no doubting the fluid delights of the pas de deux between Basile (Manual Legris) and Kitri (the enchanting Aurélie Dupont),
always literally several steps ahead of their would-be romance spoilers,
which rather overshadow the pathos of Jean-Marie Didière's Quichotte.
Nureyev's triumph, though, remains the teeming ensemble dances that reaffirm the close marriage between Minkus's score and the unfolding drama,
here immeasurably enhanced by Alexandre Beliaev's Goya-esque designs.
Ermanno Florio's musical direction keeps the pace light and busy.
Kitri – Aurélie Dupont Basile – Manuel Legris Espada – Jean-Guillaume Bart La danseuse de rue – Marie-Agnès Gillot La Reine des Dryades – Delphine Moussin Cupidon – Clairemarie Osta Les deux amies – Mélanie Hurel, Veronique Doisneau Don Quixote – Jean-Marie Didière Sancho – Fabien Roques Gamache – Lauren Queval Lorenzo – Alexis Saramite Le gitan – Karl Paquette La demoiselle d’honneur – Fanny Fiat
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