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The 11 Terrible Consequences Of A Compulsive Sex Addict
Did you know that there are as much as 16 million sex addicts in the US alone? 12% are estimated to be women. A person can be easily addicted to sex as dopamine released by the brain during intercourse and eventually orgasm, produces a very pleasurable kind of high similar to cocaine. Once hooked, sex addiction which is 1 of 14 other addictions, can be real hard to break. Like drugs, the high feeling of sex and orgasm becomes a need in an addict’s life, prompting everything else to take a backseat in priority. As a result, the sex addict will face these 11 consequences.

Loss of Self Esteem


Many sex addicts are likeable people who are intellectual, successful, and personable. However, they have spent a great deal of time and effort hiding the insecurities deep within themselves. They are adept in portraying an affable personality from the outside but are actually hollow, adrift and deserted inside