e per tetto un cielo di stelle 1968 DVD4 NTSC

Size : 3.91 GiB (4195723006 Bytes)

Darlene (Natasha Richardson) and Lonnie Earl (Billy Bob Thornton) are a couple who are in full Arkansas trip to Reno, along with other known couple, formed by Roy (Patrick Swayze) and Candy (Charlize Theron). They plan to watch a monster truck show in Reno, but the path is emerging a mutual attraction between the husband of a couple by the wife of the other couple.

Title in Brazil: Who Shoots First
Original Title: ... and per tetto un cielo di stelle
Release: 1968
Genre: Comedy / Old West
Duration: 100 minutes
Director: Giulio Petroni

Size: 3.91 GB
Extension Archives: .ISO
Video Quality: DVD-R
Video codec: MPEG-2
Audio codec: AC3 2.0
Resolution: 720 x 540
Audio: Portuguese / English
Subtitles: Portuguese