Eric Hufschmid – Masquerade Party – Part 2 – Little Piggies

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Eric Hufschmid : How To Recognize Secret Zionist Agents. Will You Help Expose The Corruption?
What Happens To The Customers Of Sex Slaves?
Anybody Who Purchases A Slave Is Allowing Himself To Be Blackmailed By The Gang That Sold Him The Slave.
The customer lists for illegal and embarrassing activities would be valuable to a crime gang. They could offer these people jobs in the media, or offer them funding for a political office, or help them become a university chancellor or an astronaut. This allows the gang to have control over society.
It would also explain why so many of the people in influential positions are homosexuals, pedophiles, and drug addicts. The mysterious Deguello Report from the 1970s claimed that the "patriot" movement was dominated by homosexuals and Jews.

Todays Study Includes:
- Why can't our government solve crimes as obvious as 9/11?
- Mossad Tactics - By Way Of Deception.
- Larry Silversteins Blackmail Trap [Sex, Money, Drugs, And Fame As Bait]
- The Sex Slave Trade & Pedophilia Network
- "911 Truth Seekers".
- Jesse Jackson Link To Killing Of Martin Luther King
- What South Park Can Teach Us.
- Tom Cruise A Little Piggie
- Rahm "Rahmbo" Emanuel - Obama´s Chief Of Staff
Alex Jones and others are encouraging you to fear and hate the police because they know that the police could put an end to this Zionist cancer immediately.
If the police would wise up and realize that their leadership has been compromised, and that Zionists are using them as attack dogs, they could start arresting Michael Chertoff, Larry Silverstein, Sam Newhouse, Rahm Emanual, Edgar Bronfman, and thousands of other Zionists.
Our military could also put an end to this Zionist cancer.
So don't fear the police or military. Instead, educate them, and get them to work with us.

Eric Hufschmid... Avoiding Zionist Tricks And Traps Since 2002.

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