Eric Hufschmid – Pt.10 – Silence Of The Sheeple

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Will You Help Expose The Corruption?
What should we do with the :
- traitorous - selfish - cowardly jerks who interfere with our attempts to replace the "ruling elite"?

If the Zionists were truly talented, we would see evidence of their talent. Look at Israel. As I mentioned in my video, Silence of the Sheeple, there's no evidence that Israel is any better than any other nation.

If the Zionists were truly better than the rest of us, we would see some evidence of it now that they've had decades to have their own nation. But there is no evidence that they are better than us because they're not better than us. There's no reason to be impressed by them, and there's no reason to be frightened of them.
Look at some of the people who work for them. Alex Jones, Frank Welter, Mike Piper, David Duke, and Daryl Smith. These are not impressive people. A lot of their agents seem to be homosexuals, drug addicts, alcoholics, and other losers, misfits, and weirdos. Many of these people seem to be working for them only because of blackmail or bribery. This is not an intelligent organization of responsible, respectable people who will lead the human race to a better life. This is a group of selfish, psychotic criminals who are trying to manipulate us.
Further evidence that they are not a very intelligent group is that they make lots of stupid mistakes, and that helps us understand how their network operates, and who they are.

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