Eric Hufschmid – Pt.6 – What Is A False Flag & Media Control

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Do you know what a "false flag" operation is?
Israelis have been caught many times as they stage terrorist attacks and blame them on Arabs or Nazis.
This is called "false flag" operations.
911blogger has proven itself to be working with the Zionists, so why would they suggest people donate money to the victims?
For the same reason the Zionists pretend to be patriots, Nazis, Democrats, Republicans, antiwar activists, and news reporters:

* The Zionists want to be in control of the victims of the dust so that they can suppress information about it and keep the victims ignorant.

* The Zionists want their victims to believe that a few EPA officials are solely responsible for their health problems.

* The Zionists don't want the victims to realize that Larry Silverstein and his Zionist friends destroyed those towers with explosives in a false flag attack to make Americans angry at Arabs.
How many more of these "false flag" attacks have to occur before we find enough people to help us drive the media companies to bankrupcy and put an end to the corruption in government?

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