Esperando La Carroza

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Esperando La Carroza

Mamá Cora (Antonio Gasalla) is about 80 years old and she has three sons and a daughter. Mamá lives with one of them, unfortunately, the one who is in the worst economic position. One day, all the members of the family have a reunion to celebrate an anniversary. In the middle of the whole thing, an awkward question appears out of nowhere: ¿Who's going to be Mamá Cora's heir? ¿Who is going to take care of her during her last days in this world?. The answer is not easy and it doesn't take too long for the members of this bizarre family to start a terrible and yet hilarious fight. However, in the middle of the whole thing, they're interrupted by some disturbing breaking news...Mamá Cora killed herself!.

One of the Most Important Argentinian movies ever made which clearly shows the idiosincracy of being Argentinian.

Una de las películas argentinas mas importantes que jamás se haya hecho, la cual refleja claramente la idiosincracia del ser argentino.

Audio: Spanish (Español) DD 2.0
Subtitles: Spanish/English (Español/Ingles)

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Extras included (extras incluidos)

* Interview to Alejandro Doria (Director) / Entrevista a Alejando Doria (Director)
* Make up and Backstage / Maquillaje y detras de cámaras
* Deleted Scenes / Escenas eliminadas
* Technical File/ Ficha técnica
* Filmographies / Filmografías