GI Joe – Funny videollages

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These are the removed videollages from Eric Fenslers website.
Some really wacky sence of humour are required to enjoy these little movies.

This quote from Artforum explains alot:
"ERIC FENSLER'S "PSA" FILMS No encounter with imagination over the past year has given me more pleasure than Eric Fensler's twenty-five short videollages. Of these exuberant and inspiring reworkings of G.I. Joe public service announcements, my favorites include the Rasta sing-along, "Fire on Your Sleeve," and "Help Computer." Though supplanted on Fensler's own site by a cease-and-desist letter from the Hasbro legal department, you may find them on and elsewhere."


I know these can be found, for free, on the net. I'm just making it easier for you all. Enjoy!