Goodbye Thackeray eternal search films

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Presenting, the first release from Eternal Search Films. For now, I will limit distribution to short films.
Synopsis - This is a story about the after effects of the divisional politics that is followed by politicians (two) by the name of Thackeray. Their politics is religion and region based which divides the people even in a metropolis like Mumbai, India. Its a story about a man who is forced to leave the city and the country he was born in due to these politics....
It's a bit topical so folks from other countries might have to research a bit to fully understand the film. Anyhow, it's a film everyone can take something out from as it involves Discrimination as a universal theme.
The file is a DVD image, so it can be burned on to a DVD or it can be viewed in VLC. Enjoy!
Language - Hindi Subtitles - English
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