Heart 2016-07-21 First Niagara Center – mov – cam

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First Niagara Pavilion,
Burgettstown, PA,

Panasonic DMC-ZS8>PC>You IN HD
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Wild Child
Magic Man
What About Love
Bebe Le Strange
These Dreams
Straight On
(with 'Get Up Offa That Thing'
(James Brown) intro)
Kick It Out
Beautiful Broken
Crazy on You

Immigrant Song
Stairway to Heaven

I was fortunate enough to get 8th row seats
for this show in Pittsburgh.
I saw them
the week before in Detroit and had good
seats but decided not to tape there or here
but with a perfect view and no security I
decided to tape.
I fee this is 1 of the best
I have ever done and think I might pay the huge
prices and it close for the now on because
I am old and it is just different up front!

Anyway, video is great like I said.
I did
miss the first 5 seconds of Stairway because
we were thinking Misty Mountain Hop and were
parked so far away.
But, after the first
note we decided to stay because it was our
first stairway!
Last 10 seconds cut as well
as we did get stuck for 15 in lot but have
been stuck hours before and can't do that again.
Enjoy the show as I will be cutting my taping
down in the years to come and enjoy more!

The following are video specs for 1 song but
are the same for all the songs!


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