Size : 1.4 GiB (1508527921 Bytes)

Title: Heist

Released: 2001
Length: 01:48:59
Size: 1.36 GB
Quality: DVDRip
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Plot: Joe Moore, (Gene Hackman) seems to have an insatiable appetite for gold and robbery. After a jewelry heist in broad daylight his crew is being swindled out of the payoff that was promised before the job by their fence, (Danny DeVito). When the first deal goes bad another is brought to the table with an elaborate scheme to steal millions of dollars in gold ingots from the Swiss and a win-win for all parties.

Starring: Gene Hackman, Danny DeVito, Delroy Lindo, Rebecca Pidgeon, Sam Rockwell and others.

Codec: H.264
Format: .mp4
Bitrate: 1500 kbps
Resolution: 960x720
Aspect: 4x3 (Widescreen)
Frame Rate: 29 frames/sec.

Codec: .aac
Bitrate: 293 kbps
Channels: 6
Sample: 44 kHz
Volume: 100%

Morgan Creek Productions