Hotspot Shield VPN 5.20.19 Elite + Patch (2016) – [carisha+Mr.P2d]

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Title: Hotspot Shield Elite 5.20.19
Developer: AnchorFree Inc and GMBH
Year: 2016
Platform: PC

Version: 5.20.19
Language: Russian, English, and other
Tablet: patch


The main advantages:

• Safe surfing the Internet with HTTP encryption;
• Hiding IP-address;
• Access to the contents of the web pages without surveillance;
• Protection against espionage when connected via Wi-Fi point in hotels, airports and other public places;
• Data protection and privacy on the Internet.

Hotspot Shield VPN – the most complete solution to the security problems in the Internet. Protects your session in a web browser, detects and blocks malware, maintain confidentiality, provides access to blocked sites.
Hotspot Shield makes secure Web browsing, protecting your (wired or wireless), the compound houses and in public places. Free Proxy Hotspot Shield protects your private data by encrypting all transmitted and received data (purchase, form data, load) using HTTPS.
100% VPN Security
Hotspot Shield creates a VPN (Virtual Private Network – VPN) between your laptop or phone and our gateway to the Internet. This secure tunnel prevents intruders, hackers and providers to monitor web browsing, instant messages, downloads, credit card details and any other data that you transmit or receive over the network.

The procedure for treatment:
1) Set “HSS-5.2.1-install-plain-714-plain”;
2) Apply the patch: “Hss_Elite.exe”;
3) Install the update: “HSS-5.20.19-nodrv-update”.

Note 1: During the application of a patch or update is not necessary to stop the program or any service you created.
Note 2: If you already have installed the program, just install the update.