House of D 2004 DVD4 NTSC

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To settle with his wife and 13 year old son, artist Tom Warshaw, who leads a bohemian life in Paris, back to his 13 years in Greenwich Village in New York. He remembers his mother's depression, friendship with the poor Pappas, first love and the tragedy that changed his life. And remember the mysterious Lady Bernadette, inmate of the district detention house, which used a mirror and a lot of sensitivity to guide you in your decisions. Praised directorial debut of David Duchovny, Reflections of Friendship is a touching and fun reckoning trip to the past ... and the future.

Title in Brazil: Chapter 27
Original title: House of D
Release: 2004
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Duration: 97 minutes
Director: David Duchovny

Size: 4.30 GB
Extension Archives: .ISO
Video Quality: DVD-R
Video codec: MPEG-2
Audio codec: AC3 5.1
Resolution: 720 x 540
Audio: Portuguese / English
Subtitles: Portuguese / English