Iboga – Initiation Ceremony Babongo Tribe – Info Dvd 6 – NTSC

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Iboga, Babongo Trice Initiation Ceremony - BBC2 - the addiction stopper

Info Dvd 6 - 59 min - 720 x 480 - NTSC

sixth dvd-r in a serie of info dvd\'s about Iboga & Ibogaine

This edition features the documentary style movie Facing the Habits, following an addicts detox tour with Iboga and Ibogaine.

Documentary style info dvd about Iboga and Ibogaine, a substance which resets our brain - the drug reward system - and helps to stop with the abuse of addictive substances like alcohol, nicotine & drugs like methadone, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine etc.

News clips from all over the globe feature users and researchers who try to kick the habit and find a solution.

The Iboga plant is found in Gabon, Africa, and from the root & bark the Ibogaine is made. After intake of 1 gram Ibogaine a 2 to 3 day trip starts (some with regression etc.), after which the need for the addictive substance is completely gone. No craving, no sickness, illness etc.! This effect holds 2 to 3 months (!), which enables the user to swich environment & life etc.

Ibogaine is legal in several countries (or even unregulated) and can be freely bought via the Internet in both root form & as a pure chemical powder or capsule. Check first before ordering, it might be illegal in your country..

Iboga treatment clinics can be found in Mexico, Costa Rica & Holland (Breukelen).

As usual, Google & You Tube provide much more info..

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