Janis Joplin – The Kozmic Blues Video Anthology – Comp – PRO – 1

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Another gem from the bootleg archive, this time Janis Joplin.

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Janis Joplin
The Kozmic Blues

Video-anthology of Janis Joplin. This DVD include fragments from some performances in the different periods of her short life.

Total Time 1:47:20


Live 1970 Various Locations Canada
01. Cry Baby
02. No More Cane
03. Thowing A Party
04. Tell Mama
05. Move Over
06. Kozmic Blues

Generation Club NYC 1967
07. Coming Home

Cheap Thrills Sessions
08. Coming Home
09. Piece Of My Heart
10. Down On Me

Dick Cavett Show
11. Combination Of Two
12. Ball & Chain

Monterey Pop
13. Summertime
14. Ball & Chain

Come Up The Years TV-Show
15. Down On Me
16. The Coo Coo

TV-Show 1969
17. Summertime
18. Summertime Rehearsal

Woodstock Unreleased
19. Work Me Lord

20. Try

21. Raise Your Hand
22. Summertime

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