Kali Knife Fighting 2 of 3 – iPod

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Kali Knife Fighting 2 of 3 - iPod

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Producer: Ron Balicki

Compilation of the Filipino arts of Lameco Escrima and the Inosanto Lacosta systems of Kali. Influenced by many filipino fighting techniques taught and handed down from Dan Inosanto and Edgar Sulite.

Volume 2:

This volume contains the Lameco system, eight strips (disarms) from the knife being held in the fencing grip and reverse grip disarms from both the Lameco system and the Inosanto/Lacosta systems.

Show someone you love them, hit'em with a stick!

My DVD had some scratches so there are some points where the frame is static for a second or two and some digital glitches.
I cleaned it up the best I could.

Keywords: silat, escrima, kali, knife fighting, self defense, martial art, stick fighting

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