Kodak Cinematography Masterclass – Location Lighting with Geoff

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Kodak Cinematography Master Class Series Vol. 4: Location Lighting with Geoff Burton [English | 29:52 | 704 x 416 | NTSC (30fps) | MP4| Audio: AAC - 128kbps | 254 MB]
From a series published by First Light Video Publishing See http://www.firstlightvideo.com/Kodak_Cinematography.html
Location lighting, utilizing the equipment one truck can carry, is the most common task a young cinematographer will face. Geoff Burton ( The Year My Voice Broke, Flirting, Wide Sargasso Sea ) condenses his many years of location lighting experience in this highly practical and useful workshop. Geoff's approach emphasizes maximum use of natural lighting resources ( daylight and practical ) and imitating these sources with the light he adds. Geoff shows how to work with the limitations of locations space and design ( in this case three rooms of a cramped apartment ) rather than against them. He demonstrates how fast stocks and fast work can be critical to success.