Kodak Cinematography Masterclass – Studio Lighting A Comparative

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Kodak Cinematography Master Class Series Vol. 3:
Studio Lighting: A Comparative Workshop with Donald McAlpine and Denis Lenoir [ English | 1hr4min | 704 x 416 | NTSC (30fps) | MP4 | Audio: AAC - 128kbps | 528 MB ]
From a series published by First Light Video Publishing See http://www.firstlightvideo.com/Kodak_Cinematography.html
Two internationally renowned cinematographers light the same shots from the same dramatic script in this back-to-back workshop. Don McAlpine ( Patriot Games, Breaker Morant and My Brilliant Career ) and Denis Lenoir ( Monsieur Hire, Clear and Present Danger and Mrs. Doubtfire ) vividly demonstrate how differences in creative style and approach affect the impact and tone of the scene. This program is packed with technical information, demonstrations & insights into the role of the cinematographer.