[Kung Fu] Bruce Lee’s Wing Tsun, Wing Chun Combat Essence (Br

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Bruce Lee's Wing Tsun, Wing Chun Combat Essence (Bruce Lee)

Wing Chun - Wing Tsun : Bruce Lee's Fighting Essences of Wing Chun Fist -- Wing Chun is the origins of Jeet Kune Do. It is famous in its lightning fast attacking forms. Major movements are direct & powerful straight line offensive skills, finding shortest way to hit opponents. Plenty of police schools chose Wing Chun Fist as one of their required courses.

The audio of this instructional is in Mandarin but everything is done slowly and from many angles to ensure proper learning. Handwork and footwork are shown as well. It is clearly demonstrated for the viewer and the video of the Master performing the form makes this a truly RARE and VALUABLE find.

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