Laurel and Hardy DVD Vol 1 (of 21)

Size : 4.35 GiB (4676121071 Bytes)

Laurel and Hardy DVD Vol 1 (of 21)

Title: "A Chump at Oxford (and related shorts)"

A Chump at Oxford


restored B&W version
A Chump at Oxford


computer colour version
From Soup to Nuts


restored B&W version (silent with music)
Another Fine Mess


restored B&W version
Another Fine Mess


computer colour version

Total Running Time:
3h 15m

Original English speaking language with subs (no subs in silent movies).
I always leave in other languages and subtitles however the Retail DVD
Source does not come with any other language or subs.


Full DVD9 RIP, PAL format, 4:3
(DVD Decrypter, CCE 9 passes, DVD Rebuilder)

This torrent contains the VIDEO_TS folder.

Burn this onto DVDR using your favourite DVD burning software -
if you don't know how to burn these onto DVDR's, get Nero and search
on Google.
Then print the DVD Cover and DVD Inlay Booklet (oh yes
you get this too).

I noticed that some of the colour versions are slightly shorter
than the B&W versions.
In Brats, for example, you'll see that
some small scenes were cut out of the colour version and so is
shorter than the restored B&W version.
Brats is on DVD Vol 5.

Estimated arrival of Vol 2:

w/c 16/01/06
(But ONLY IF there are 10+ seeds for Vol 1.)

Estimated arrival of Vol 3:

w/c 30/01/06
(But ONLY IF there are 10+ seeds for both Vol 1 and Vol 2.)

This is the 1st of 21 DVD's, will some of you leave a comment on
Pirate Bay regarding quality etc.
If you say the quality is bad,
I'll need to re-encode - your feedback is important as all the 20
remaining DVD's will be done the same way!
Note that colourised
versions are not as sharp as the B&W versions, although this is
normal if you've ever viewed a colourised version before.