Leandro Carvalho – Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe Upgrade / Secret Weap

Size : 1.16 GiB (1245225584 Bytes)

Year of release : 2010 - 2011
Country : USA
Genre : Fitness
Language : English
Translation : None
Duration : 00:50:36 +00:12:43 +00:11:02 + 21:55

Description :

Brazil Butt Lift - guaranteed to tighten and strengthen your boom-boom. Leandro Carvalho, trainer of the supermodels, will make you such an ass, from which will come to delight all men. Brazil Butt Lift combines cardio, Samba and movements designed Leandro, ideal for work on the boom-boom. Brazil Butt Lift will prepare you to enter the beach in a bikini. Leandro first time working with Beachbody (who developed a sensational workout P90X), to create a home workout specifically for the boom-boom. No matter what your shape priests, with the Brazil Butt Lift your ass will be firm and taut - the way you have always wanted to see it! With the Brazil Butt Lift DVD Upgrade package faster you'll be taken to a higher level of fitness! If you have decided to strengthen their training in this series and want to make your "boom-boom" elastic, then this supplement is for you! Improve your results! You get three extra workouts plus the secret weapon of Leandro - exercises on the buttocks with the weighting and ribbons.

Additional training includes: Disc 1: * RIO EXTREME - if you feel that your workout longer give effect, try this! (50 min.) Disc 2: * ABS RAPIDO - Make your abs tight! (10 min.) * uppercuts - Do kickboxing movements so that your hands are sexy and slim. (13 min.)

To increase the load, you will need:
* The weights for the legs - use them to increase your stamina and make training more intense.
* Tape or rubber bands - use them to increase the load.
Make muscles strong with heavy tape, burn fat and lengthen muscles with a light ribbon .
(Red = Heavy, Green = Medium, Yellow = light)