Led Zeppelin – Court Of King James 1975.05.24 Region Free DVD5x2

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Led Zeppelin - Court Of King James 1975.05.24 Region Free DVD5x2

Led Zeppelin
May 24, 1975
Earl's Court Arena, London, England, UK
In The Court Of King James, 2dvd by Empress Valley (#EVSDVD-021/022)
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Great DVD by Empress Valley. For the most part the picture is sharper
and clearer than other releases including Heavy Metal Kids.
This is not
a re-make of Heavy Metal Kids…. The most noticeable improvement is with
Tangerine – complete and sharp – no cuts of any kind.


Disc 1 (EVSDVD-021):

01.Introduction By Nicky Horne
02.Rock And Roll
03.Sick Again
04.Over The Hills And Far Away
05.In My Time Of Dying
06.The Song Remains The Same
07.The Rain Song
09.No Quarter
11.Going To California
12.That's The Way
13.Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

Disc 2 (EVSDVD-022):

01.Trampled Underfoot
02.Moby Dick
03.Dazed And Confused
04.Stairway To Heaven
05.Whole Lotta Love / The Crunge
06.Black Dog

This is a monster of a show. The best of the five Earl's Court gigs,
this show has the band reaching a peak for 1975, one that is even
better than Seattle and LA two months earlier. Nicky Horne simply
introduced the band: "Welcome to Earl's Court. For the next three
hours ... your mother wouldn't like it!" No Quarter must be the best
version ever recorded, and Dazed And Confused is an incredible journey.
Dennis Healey was again remembered during the introduction to the Dazed:
"We gotta fly soon. Y'know how it goes with Dennis ... dear Dennis.
Private enterprise ... no artists in the country anymore ... he must
be dazed and confused!" Stairway To Heaven contains probably the best
solo ever by Jimmy on the song while Plant's vocal is not the best.
The humour was belonged to the whole group so Bonham took the microphone
as they climbed for the encores and said: "I'd like to say at this point
that I think football's a load of bollocks!" what caued a quick retort
from Plant: "I'd like to say that soccer's a wonderful sport, the best