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Phone, email, or text? Learn what communication method
to use when. Suzanna Kaye starts with email, explaining
everything from setting up signatures to striking the right
tone. She also explains how to best use autoresponders
acknowledge receipt of an email, and follow up on
unanswered email. The lessons help viewers evaluate their
own email communications, ensuring that the recipients
won't misinterpret them in any way

Next up is text etiquette, including what and what not to
say in a text message. Suzanna then looks at common
business communications like letters, requests for payment
and thank-yous, and how to make action items communicate
the right level of urgency

Finally, the course covers phone etiquette, including proper
greetings, voicemails, out-of-office messages, and
essential phone behavior

Topics include:

* Understanding subject, greeting, and signature etiquette

* Using CC, BCC, and Reply All

* Text messaging etiquette

* Writing business letters

* Leaving voicemail
* Understanding what to say over the phone