Adobe After Effects CS6 Essential Training-2010kaiser

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In this course, author Ian Robinson introduces Adobe After Effects CS6 and the world of animation, effects, and compositing. Chapter 1 introduces the six foundations of After Effects, which include concepts like layers, keyframes, rendering, and moving in 3D space. The rest of the course expands on these ideas, and shows how to build compositions with layers, perform rotoscoping, animate your composition with keyframes, add effects and transitions, and render and export the finished piece. Two real-world example projects demonstrate keying green screen footage and creating an advanced 3D composition with the expanded 3D toolset, an important addition to CS6.
Topics include:

Setting up the workspace, important preferences, and the cache

Importing footage and comps

Relinking missing footage

Creating type, shape layers, and masks

Rotoscoping with the Roto Brush

Adjusting keyframes in the Graph Editor

Timing animations to audio

Building backgrounds with effects

Rendering with the Render Queue and Adobe Media Encoder

Animating 3D type

Smoothing shaky footage and retouching footage

Keying green screen footage

Working with 3D: extruding shapes, adding ray-traced lighting, and more

Author: Ian Robinson

Subject: Video

Software: Adobe After Effects CS6

Level: Beginner

Duration: 8h 41m