– Camtasia Studio 8 Essential Training {FEROUK}

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0. Introduction2m 31s

Welcome 1m 0s

Using the exercise files 1m 31s

1. Getting Started41m 59s

Creating a recording account 3m 34s

Configuring a recording account 8m 29s

Choosing a microphone 5m 42s

Connecting a microphone 2m 0s

Installing Camtasia Studio 8 4m 18s

Understanding the interface 3m 47s

Calibrating a microphone 10m 14s

Updating Camtasia Studio 3m 55s

2. Capturing Your Screen31m 6s

Introducing Camtasia Recorder 5m 49s

Exploring recording workflow options 7m 58s

Selecting a file format 3m 1s

Choosing the screen area 4m 4s

Capturing audio 3m 7s

Creating a screen recording 7m 7s

3. Keys to a Successful Recording24m 26s

Preparing to record 2m 59s

Setting up a target application 3m 43s

Managing mouse movements 6m 9s

Handling mistakes 4m 0s

Inviting students to learn 1m 40s

Focusing on content 2m 45s

Exploring SmartFocus 3m 10s

4. Editing in Camtasia Studio33m 4s

Understanding the editing workflow 3m 21s

Exploring the timeline 4m 17s

Basic timeline editing 4m 38s

Advanced timeline editing 6m 5s

Canvas editing basics 6m 43s

Editing visual properties 4m 38s

Using markers 3m 22s

5. Working with Audio39m 52s

Basic audio editing 9m 8s

Removing room noise 9m 7s

Leveling audio clips 4m 39s

Advanced audio editing 8m 31s

Adding background music 8m 27s

6. Working with Media and Effects45m 47s

Importing media 5m 13s

Backing up media and restoring project files 3m 0s

Using the Clip Bin 3m 2s

Working with callouts 8m 57s

Animating visual properties 5m 27s

Creating Zoom-n-Pan effects 3m 40s

Using SmartFocus 6m 49s

Using cursor effects 5m 16s

Adding transitions 4m 23s

7. Working with PowerPoint26m 10s

Configuring the PowerPoint Add-In 7m 30s

Optimizing a PowerPoint file 4m 45s

Recording a presentation 5m 3s

Using PowerPoint markers 3m 36s

Creating a table of contents 5m 16s

8. Working with Captions29m 30s

Using Speech-to-Text 7m 43s

Syncing with a script 8m 11s

Adding captions manually 4m 3s

Exporting and importing captions 4m 22s

Making movies searchable 5m 11s

9. Using Advanced Features29m 38s

Creating an interactive quiz 7m 7s

Creating a Picture-in-Picture effect 4m 53s

Adding a voiceover 4m 54s

Using markers and groups 3m 46s

Using animated titles 5m 40s

Adding themed callouts 3m 18s

10. Producing and Sharing47m 30s

Exporting a movie 5m 46s

Publishing to 5m 4s

Exporting a PowerPoint movie 5m 43s

Publishing to YouTube 2m 18s

Publishing a quiz 6m 54s

Batch producing multiple movies 4m 24s

Creating a custom export setting 13m 25s

Sharing custom export settings 3m 56s

11. Teaching and Learning Techniques27m 19s

Publishing SCORM assessments 8m 53s

Recording training videos for software 3m 53s

Using screencasts for grading 4m 3s

Flipping your classroom 2m 5s

Preparing materials for class 2m 59s

Creating review notes 2m 26s

Learners become teachers 3m 0s

12. Conclusion40s

Goodbye 40s

13. Excerise Files


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