Final Cut Pro X

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This course demonstrates why Final Cut Pro is the primary tool for both professional video editors and those new to editing, with its computer-enhanced workflow, creative tools, and robust delivery solutions. Apple Certified instructor Abba Shapiro teaches the core features and tools that can take a random collection of video clips and turn them into a finished project. This course covers the entire editing process, from selecting and organizing the best takes to building a story, including lessons along the way on mixing audio, adding special effects and titles, and delivering the final project. Exercise files are included with the project.
Topics include: • Importing and analyzing media

• Capturing from tape
• Creating a camera archive
• Organizing media with events, keywords, and favorites
• Performing timeline editing with ripple, roll, and slip and slide edits
• Adding and enhancing audio
• Fine-tuning edits with the Precision Editor
• Working with markers
• Adding effects, transitions, and generators
• Creating chroma keys
• Color correcting footage
• Syncing and editing multi-cam footage
• Sharing and exporting projects
• Creating a DVD or Blu-ray disc
• Archiving projects


Abba Shapiro

Video, Video Editing

Final Cut Pro X


6h 15m

Jul 26, 2011

Mar 20, 2012