YouTube Essential Taining

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YouTube Essential Training

Jason Osder

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YouTube is a revolutionary video-sharing platform that has facilitated broadcasts of user-generated content—hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded every day. In YouTube Essential Training, author Jason Osder explores all the key concepts and techniques necessary to thrive on the site, including viewing, uploading, sharing, and tracking videos. The course covers building an account, sharing with social networks, and the fundamentals of shooting and editing film for a YouTube audience, as well as tips for creating a brand, removing compression artifacts, and analyzing video performance. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

* Searching and viewing videos

* Creating an account and uploading videos

* Exporting and compressing

* Embedding content

* Creating a customized video channel

* Authoring a video blog

* Sharing content via Facebook, Twitter, and other social


* Tracking views, audience demographics, and viewership


* Replacing audio content with AudioSwap tracks

* Including closed captions and custom annotations