Lynda – Foundations of Programming Refactoring Code

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Lynda - Foundations of Programming Refactoring Code


What you need to know
1. Introduction to Refactoring
What refactoring is
What refactoring is not
Why to use refactoring
When to use refactoring
Code smells
Origin of these ideas

2. Getting Started: Method-Level Refactoring
Preparing to refactor
Grouping refactorings together
Using the Extract Method refactoring
Extract Method with parameters and variables
Common code smells for Extract Method
Using IDEs for the Extract Method refactoring
The Inline Method refactoring
Refactorings that remove temps
Refactorings that add temps

3. Class- and Condition-Focused Refactoring
Move Method
Extract Class and Inline Class
Making conditions easier to read
Replacing conditions with polymorphism
Replacing type code with subclasses

4. Data-Focused Refactoring
Moving and encapsulating fields
Working with data clumps
Simplifying method calls and parameter use
Pulling and pushing methods and fields

5. Communication and High-Level Refactoring
Refining hierarchies
Communication refactorings
Larger scale refactoring